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The Artifact 19

2009-03-12 17:49:32 by KidKryptonite

I'm near getting the Artifact, I just need a few more wepon medals, THEN ITS MINE! MUHAHAHAHHAHAHA!


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2009-03-13 19:29:26

i think its glitched or somethin, i have all medals (apart from devine powers) and still dont have the artifact


2009-03-13 19:48:33

What the fuck does it look like


2009-03-13 22:26:06

Younggrashoppa for some reason after you get all the medals you have to die in the same game when you get the last one to get the artifact. I think you should just get one of them again and then die but idk what'll happen and also I'm not sure but i think after you die u only have it in the game right after that.


2009-03-13 22:27:10

It looks kinda like one of those smg's from Halo 3 but its a camo color shockyvolt.