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The Spike Grenade Medal Is So Hard

Posted by KidKryptonite - March 14th, 2009

It takes me like 2 hours to get 30 kills with the damn thing! and by the time I ahve 30 with it, My total is 456 somthing. And i'm just getting owned T_T

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To help with the spike nade.
I go to the large house , get spiker, than just run around (sprint by holding SHIFT) shooting people in the head

Ok, a way to make the spike grenade achievement much easier.
-Setting Lab (medium)
- There's a glitch in here. If you jump from the top left ledge straight down to the bottom of the screen the AI that were following you halt pursuit.
-Obtain a spike nade gun as early as you can and keep it as your secondary. Get a few other weapon achievements if you don't have them already, then after you collected up enough ammo for the gun follow the following process.
- Jump to the second ledge on the left side of the room, then jump to the top, run directly where the enemies group; however, stop short and fire a grenade to get as many as 4 kills at a time. Continue running to the right side of the room where the second ammo box is and pick it up, stand where all the enemies are grouping and wait for all of them to fall. Fire a grenade, jump back up to the top left ledge, jump off straight to the bottom of the screen, replenish lost health, rinse and repeat.

NOTE: At a close range they can't hit you (I was able to stand there and reload my revolver in the middle of them multiple times while working towards that medal)

Dude where are you talking about it was like my first medal i had.
You just need to get a grenade thrower early in the level and make sure you play on a large level and then just run and attack evrything and when you run out of ammo just keep running without stopping and collect the ammo boxes.
P.S if you dont believe then visit my acount(i got all the thing thing arena 3 medals)

Its because you have to get all the possible ammo for it. Grab it at the start of the level, and keep it to the end. KEEP grabbing the ammo caches, it matters a lot. I already got them all :3

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